Quick Facts & Talking Points

CLP is the only leadership program that doesn’t teach you the how, but teaches you the why to be a leader.

CLP trains emerging leaders in the practical skills they will need to effectively bring about solutions to their communities’ top challenges.

CLP is modeled after Leadership Program of the Rockies which is a premier institute that reconnects you to the principles of the founding fathers such as individual property rights, personal responsibility, free markets, limited government and lower taxes, and a strong national defense.

The business community is filled with our graduates who continue to promote Capitalism and drive the “economic engine.”

CLP alumni lead in key positions as candidates and elected officials. Graduates are campaign managers for federal, statewide, and local contests and work as public policy professionals, and influencers in government.

CLP alumni bring principled voices to traditional and new media as journalists for national publications, and opinion leaders.

From City Councils to the halls of Congress and the White House–[CLP and LPR] alumni are influencing decisions at every level of government.

CLP has a unique curriculum where students read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt. Through lecture and class discussion, students are armed with the necessary tools to be life-long Defenders of Capitalism.

CLP has a second curriculum called Defenders of the Declaration where participants study and come to understand the underlying principles of the Federalist Papers, Constitution, and Declaration of Independence.